This is an issue that many GYN’S and nurse practitioners fail to tell their patients about when they discuss the possibility of a woman going on a hormonal form of birth control. Studies show sexual dysfunction is more common with hormonal treatments than originally thought. If you think about it this makes sense, as hormonal forms of birth control increase the amount of estrogen in a woman’s body. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for libido and thing of that nature, so increasing estrogen in the body can cause an imbalance in the body. This is an important area of study, as lack of libido and other forms of sexual dysfunction can damage relationships and self-esteem.

Once again it is proven that what truly matters is quality, not quantity. This study shows that pop culture jokes about having great sex for hours on end is actually a misconception. People find sex the most pleasurable when it is kept under 30 minutes. Among other things, this article discusses the study itself along with some pop culture myths that have influenced societal conceptions of sexual activity.

This article from Jezebel discusses a study that suggests the number of virgins between the ages of 15 - 24 are on the way up. The factors that may contribute to this rise in numbers are speculated. I find this difficult to believe, but maybe this is just the people I know. I personally don’t think this is necessarily a good thing. It’s a good idea to explore your sexuality when you’re young. It’s a part of growing up. It doesn’t exactly help society’s obsession with purity either. Then again, I suppose I’m a bit biased.

This article explores the therapeutic uses of LSD before it became criminalized by the government. Apparently it was used in studies of schizophrenia — as it can sometimes simulate the symptoms of people who suffer from the disease — and was also being examined as a potential cure for alcoholism. Some are insisting that LSD should be brought back into the realm of medical research, for the benefit of psychologists and scientists alike. Personally, I think they should do as many studies on psychedelics as possible. They do amazing things to your brain. Why wouldn’t you want to know more about them? Especially if they have potential to be helpful in the medical field.

This just irritates me because it’s entirely unnecessary. There shouldn’t even be a debate about this.A vaccine that protects your child from a virus you get after they have sex will not encourage them to take part in sexual activity when they are 11 or 12. It’s called teaching them about their bodies and about sexuality. A lot of people —females included — start masturbating around that time of their lives anyway (if not earlier.)

These National Guidelines are there for a reason. The doctors need to grow some balls and make a case to resistant parents. You can’t make them give their kid the vaccine, but you can do your job and push it a little bit. It’s better to give these girls this vaccine before they even start thinking about boys romantically.

We haven’t been discussing sexuality with tweens and teenagers, but teen pregnancy is through the roof. You know why? Because we are immersed in a culture that constantly barrages us with an idealized, marketable, photoshopped version of sexuality — but teaching them about the real, health aspect of sexuality is “uncomfortable” because no one wants to talk about it directly. Well you know what, GET OVER IT. This vaccine is about YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH. They are not going to have sex early because they got a vaccine that addresses a disease!

I’m sorry. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much this frustrates me. Anything that involves sex education and children causes people to throw common sense out the window.

You know those studies that state the obvious and you wonder who wasted their money trying to confirm something so simple? Yeah, this is one of those studies. I guess it was really difficult to figure out that being nice will make people like you, including potential mates, and get you laid. Never could have thought of that on my own. Thank God we’re spending money to study something so obscure! Anyway, beyond me being sarcastic, I legitimately think this is good news for all the nice guys out there who feel like they’re never going to laid as frequently as their douche bag counterparts. The key is to be nice, but not be a doormat.