Gotta love the basket case! 

Gotta love the basket case! 

In Defense of Pornography from Jacquelyn White on Vimeo.

In Defense of Pornography

So porn is a pretty interesting topic, so interesting in fact that I went on for 20 minutes about it. I mainly address the three main issues that tend to come up when looking at pornography from a feminist perspective. One, the issue of objectification. Two, pornography’s effect on body image. Three, speculations that pornography somehow leads to acts of sexual violence. I also briefly touch upon the resilience of pornography throughout the course of human history. Of course, somewhere in here I found an excuse to bring up James Deen and the Victorian era in passing!

For some of the anti-pornography/porn skeptic feminists following me: Some of the stuff I say in here is not well put and may come off as insensitive and callous. At times, I really can be, but this is just my opinion. As usual, I’m not always the most articulate and I repeat myself quite a bit, but I would be more than willing to discuss this more in writing. I have read a lot about this and taken special interest in the topic, especially when looking at my role as female porn viewer. I don’t touch on that subject as much in this video, but it’s something I’ve grappled with as both a feminist and sexual person who enjoys pornography. Nonetheless, I’m always down for any sort of discussion/debate/exchange of ideas. I would love to learn more about this topic.

"So today I was supposed to work for but my scene got canceled because I guess the girl got into a horrible car accident so…that fucking sucks. I guess she is actually completely unhurt, just shook up and not in the mood to get tied up and banged. I feel like that is a fair request. I mean I drove off a cliff once and then showed up to set later in the day and got my bang on, but I guess we can’t all put sex in front of our own health and safety. Wow…I am a retard."

James Deen 

This little speck on the internet gives you a hilariously rendered map of sexual acts, fetishes, violations. They cover everything here, from the Kingdom of Furries to the Island of Non-Consent. Really, I can’t imagine the amount of thinking and research that must have gone into making this map. I read quite a bit about sex and I had to look some of this stuff up, particularly when we start getting into some of the more specific kinks. Not only is this map just plain funny, but it’s totally fun to do. You get to pinpoint locations you’ve been, would like to go, and places that you would “strictly fantasize” about. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll mark. Pretty good way to spend your free time in my opinion!