What a fox!

"I wasn’t content just being a muse. I was the creative force. I was in relationships with different men where if they could honor that, they couldn’t honor the woman, and if they could honor the woman, they couldn’t honor the creative force."

Tori Amos, On her song “Professional Widow”

This is a Bitch Magazine interview of Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair, two artists who have come to be known as The Girls. They are known for their bright and flamboyant artworks that consist of an “intense tableaux self-portraits, live performances, videos and installations.” This interview takes a look at their works – specifically the more controversial ones – and at the feminist undertones in their works.

Like most artists, Ani DiFranco’s work has grown and progressed over the course of her long career. The folk rock singer-songerwriter was once known for her contemplative, slightly angsty lyrics, but has since ventured into other topics and grown as a writer. This particular interview focuses on that growth and how having a child has affected her work.

Rabbits on the Run from Vanessa Carlton on Vimeo.

Vanessa Carlton on her Upcoming Album Rabbits on the Run

From what I have seen of the progression in Vanessa Carlton’s music, she is still trying to found herself musically and lyrically. She has a wonderful voice and is a talented piano player, but she is still playing around with her song writing and is still trying to find herself musically.

In this interview she discusses her creative process behind her upcoming album Rabbits on the Run, including a few clips of some new songs. From the sound of it, she’s really embracing what she wants. I have a feel that this will be her last album with lyrics, for reasons you will understand after watching this interview.

Florence + The Machine’s Live Performance of “My Boy Builds Coffins” & Interview

Florence Welch reveals her eccentricity and sense of humor in her short interview before her performance of “My Boy Builds Coffins.” Apparently she loves running through the woods and being feral. Though the statement made me laugh, you can really get that feral quality in a lot of her music. I immediately think of the pagan-like “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).” She talks about many themes running through Lungs, as well as some of her influences. Gospel was one thing in particular she mentioned that you can find everywhere in the album.

This live performance of “My Boy Builds Coffins” in a park adds a different dimension to the song that I absolutely love. The song talks about death as the great equalizer and what a better way to communicate that message than singing to the general public at a park? It’s just an open reminder to go out and live your life. Such a fantastic song, such a fantastic singer-songwriter.

Where would the world be without Michael C. Hall?

Where would the world be without Michael C. Hall?

If you have been following me long enough and paying attention to the random stuff I post, you know that I’m a pretty big Eminem fan and you know why that is. I was really looking forward to hearing him give an extensive interview, something that he rarely does. Though he is like many other rappers, I think his story is very inspiring to me, and I love that they address that in this interview. Admittedly, I may not be the biggest fan of his new music, but he has certainly grown as an artist. This just shows that all the anger he has put out in his music through all the years has not only been healing for others, but for himself as well.

The show Sister Wives is entertaining in a strange, freak show-esque way, so I thought it very appropriate to post a link about it on my blog. This article hilariously comments on some interview clips of the polygamist family on The Today’s Show. Though I am not especially concerned with other people’s living arrangements, I do find their situation pretty interesting. Of course, because this article comes from Jezebel, there is a pretty heavy feminist slant to the commentary. I think the points they bring up though, in their own brash way, are pretty valid.