"Little Water Song" by Ute Lemper

Ute Lemper has one of those signature voices that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s incredibly distinct and because of this she is perfect for musical theater and songs that require a lot of personality.

To be honest, I’m pretty surprised I have never posted this song before, as I have loved it for years. “Little Water Song” reveals a much more vulnerable side of Lemper. In many of her other songs, particular on Punishing Kiss, the characters she sings are temptresses, darkly ironic, or generally much more emotionally armored than the one being presented here. The woman singing in this track has been hurt deeply by the person she loves, but still remains infatuated. 

In a way I think the water is the part of her mind she retreats to in an attempt to escape the one she loves, but he still reaches out for her nonetheless. Still, the water could have a multi-faceted meaning here, from a state of sexual openness to a state of infatuation.


Under here you just take my breath away.
Under here the water flows over my head.
I can feel the little fishes.
Under here whispering your most terrible name.
Under here they’ve given star fish for eyes
and your head is a big, red balloon.

Under here your huge hand is heavy on my chest
and under here, Sir, your lovely voice retreats.
And yes, you take my breath away…

Look at my hair as it waves and waves.
Sir, under here I have such pretty hair.
Silver it is and filled with silver bubbles.

Under here my blood will be a cloud
and under here my dreams are made of water.
And Sir, you just take my breath away…

For under here my pretty breasts piled high
with stones and I cannot breathe.
And tiny little fishes enter me.

Under here, I’m made ready
and under here, I am washed clean.
And I glow with the greatness of my hate for you.

"Circus Fish" by Vermillion Lies

The dark cabaret genre of music is not for everyone, but I find it to be a fun alternative to a lot of the more depressing folk bands I listen to day in and day out. I enjoy this song because it is strangely catchy. The accent they put on is humorous but really contributes to the atmosphere of the track. The sexual metaphors and euphemisms riddled throughout the lyrics are interesting as well. Overall, it’s just a fun little tune.


Come on in Gino...
I’ll cook you up some lobster bisque! I wanna smoke you like a fish.
You smell like kelp, I think it’s hot. I’m gonna stick you in my pot.
It’s true you are my fish fillet. I’ll fry you up with some frisée.
You are just like my garden trowel. I don’t know what to rhyme with trowel.
I’ll stick you deep down in the dirt and you can laugh when it hurts. Hahaha!
Then you’ll flower from your stem. They want to pluck you, I know them.
I want to wring you like a sponge. I’ll clean my floor with your tongue.
You dry the dishes oh so nice. You dirty rag, let’s do it twice! Three times, four.
And then you’ll shine the silverware. You’re tired, hungry? I don’t care!
And when I’m done with your service, I’m gonna sell you to the circus.
I’ll come and visit any week. You’ll make a nice circus freak.
That’s what my mother said to me! She never came to visit!
That’s why I wrote this song.