Jezebel has finally come out with a beginners guide to purchasing sex toys for women. They discuss the best materials, best quality, and best kind of toys depending on what is enjoyable for the individual. Hey, before you judge, it’s important to think about whether you’re single or taken! They can add a whole new dimension to your sexual experiences and make you more well-acquainted with your body.

I think anyone with half a brain could figure out that pin up artists took plenty of artistic liberties with the rendering of their models. However, it is still interesting to see photos of the original models taken in the artist’s studio put beside the resulting picture. To me, many of these pictures are actually fairly faithful to their original photographs. A lot of the “retouching” in these is simply giving the model a different face. To me it seems like this was done more for variety in the faces than fixing “imperfections” that artists saw in the models.

This is simply revolting. Though it is difficult not to enculturate a child into beauty standards to a degree, this is the ultimate example of a woman who is self-absorbed and obsessed with fame that she doesn’t focus on her child’s mental well-being. She is indoctrinating her daughter into a culture that values a child based purely on appearance.

Botox when she has no wrinkles to speak of and doesn’t know better to make the choice for herself? Putting toxins into her body at 8 years old? Pubic hair waxing for an 8 year old? Does she even have pubic hair? Let that be her choice whether she wants to grow it or not in the future! She can make these choices later! She should be getting messy in the mud and having a childhood. She has the rest of her life to be obsessive about her body. And thanks to this mother’s actions she will be virtually guaranteed to have body image problems. It’s not right.

Jezebel's article reviewing the exciting and sometimes drama-filled life of Elizabeth Taylor, who died today at age 79. With her death her beauty and morality are being brought into question, something interesting when one considers the multiple marriages and extravagant jewel collections. Still, she is to be praised simply for being herself — as the article title states — without apology. In short: RIP Elizabeth Taylor. Here's to one of the most beautiful and interesting actresses ever to grace a Hollywood screen.

This brief article from Jezebel discusses this new lipstick ad that Zooey Deschanel posed for. If you look at the ad, you can’t even tell it’s Zooey. They completely erased the wrinkles on her face, making her features appear shallow and alien-like. She almost looks computer generated. What I don’t understand is how this is supposed to help sell their product. If her face has clearly been photoshopped to hell, then who is going to trust your product? Every magazine ad is certainly touched up, but this is just ridiculous. If you’re willing to kill Zooey Deschanel’s face with airbrushing, then you’re willing to do that to anyone. 

This article from Jezebel discusses a study that suggests the number of virgins between the ages of 15 - 24 are on the way up. The factors that may contribute to this rise in numbers are speculated. I find this difficult to believe, but maybe this is just the people I know. I personally don’t think this is necessarily a good thing. It’s a good idea to explore your sexuality when you’re young. It’s a part of growing up. It doesn’t exactly help society’s obsession with purity either. Then again, I suppose I’m a bit biased.

This Jezebel article cites a study that indicates much of female sexual dysfunction is caused by poor self-image. When a woman feels that she is unattractive, she will be less willing to have sex for fear that her partner will find her revolting in some way. Many female sexual dysfunction problems could be easily solves if women could embrace their bodies. This of course does not apply to all sexual dysfunction cases, but I think it’s important that more people know about the psychological side to this problem.

I personally don’t see an issue with this. Some people are arguing that it doesn’t do anything for the students academically, but I think watching this woman climax gives you an idea of how orgasm works and encourages people to be more open abut sex. In theory porn could do the same thing, but a lot of the time the orgasms in porn — or at least the female ones — are not real orgasms. It wasn’t required for the course and the girl performing did it completely voluntarily. Hell, it probably helped get her off. I’m happy the University is standing behind this.

Let’s be honest, no one who is actually serious about helping themselves psychologically is going to this girl. Not only is she not a real psychologist, but her ideas are just bogus in general. I’m surprised she hasn’t been investigated further by authorities. Though all she’s doing is essentially being a stripper, the fact that her stripping is one-on-one presents a few issues. This private stripping could present the possibility of prostitution. It could also be very dangerous for her if she gets someone particularly weird to sit-in on one of her “therapy sessions.” She can do whatever she wants with her body, but I am concerned for her safety if nothing else. That and making the field of psychology look even more wacky than it already does.

Initially when I saw the title of this article, I thought the answer was rather obvious. The average size of people has gone up since the 50’s, but I figured that they couldn’t write an entire article on that so I checked it out. As a fashion enthusiast I was rather interested. This article points out an obvious difference between a 21st century human being and those of 1950’s that would greatly affect the fit of those clothes. Click to find out.